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Dr. Abdulaziz Alfrayan Legal Consulting LLC

The company believes that the client is the first partner thereof, it seeks to meet their needs and build a set of dedicated services to them enhancing their prospect of success, value, and competitive edge.

Social Responsibility

To support the advancement of non-profit organizations and public benefit businesses aligned with social development and the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, the company has adopted a selection of projects and initiatives in line with its social responsibility commitments.

Dedication to Clients

Gaining our clients' trust and upholding a profound sense of responsibility towards them lie at the essence of our profession. Recognizing our clients as primary partners, we diligently seek to understand their needs, offering tailored services designed to enhance their opportunities for success and competitiveness. Our unwavering commitment entails innovating high-quality solutions customized to your specifications, delivering optimal positive impact.

Legal Excellence

Our success is rooted in the absolute collaboration within our team. We take pride in having a highly skilled workforce and a motivating work environment. Continuous professional growth is our priority, and we are dedicated to maintaining our leadership in this field.

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Company Vision

Leadership in providing consulting services and solutions in a professional framework

Who are we

The company was founded by Dr. Abdulaziz Alfrayan Legal Consulting LLC in 2014 under the name (Abdulaziz Alfrayan Law Firm) was distinguished by its work in legal consultancy in the field of regulation, governance and development, successes continued in the projects undertaken by the company in various fields, most notably the legislation industry, business analysis and development Governance, legal advice and issues, among the reasons for success, is the integration of the company’s work team and the diversity of its experiences. The company gained qualitative cumulative experience during its work on projects, including the initiatives of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

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Legal Consultations and Studies

Your partner in meeting your consulting needs, we offer you guidance and protection in all your legal encounters, whether you are part of a government entity, a private company, or a non-profit organization.
From answering legal consultations to supporting business partnerships in mergers and acquisitions, our team analyzes all legal risks based on facts and documents provided, then provides recommendations to enable them to make the safest decisions.

Building and Developing Legal Departments

We offer expert support to assist you in establishing and developing legal departments within corporate and government entities.
This includes constructing legal or administrative structures, providing operational support, crafting procedural evidence, and developing work models to streamline management operations and ensure maximum efficiency. With our expertise, we establish contract templates, foundational agreements, and memoranda of understanding. Additionally, we conduct detailed studies on various legal aspects and are ready to provide direct support for any inquiries or consultations.

Drafting and Reviewing Contracts

We provide legal support for the preparation and review of contracts and agreements, offering advice and optimal contracting options. We meticulously construct your contracts, ensuring rights preservation and compliance with regulations, striving to identify key elements that ensure your protection.

 Our team  

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